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You’re reclining under a white canopy, protected from the bustle of the city. The sound of birds chirping enhances the occasional rustle of leaves and the quiet murmur of water. Mind and body at peace, you open your eyes. As your spirit lifts at the sight of Nature in all her abundance, you savour the joy of knowing that this expanse of lush green is yours to have whenever you choose. Because you are not in a remote resort or forest sanctuary. You are in Ananta Spa and Resort, your private retreat, your personal paradise, your home.

Exuding peace, natural beauty and impeccable style, replete with world-class amenities and fabulous luxuries, Ananta offers you the life you’ve always wanted. Read more...

The Ananta's Group

  • Ananta Pushkar

  • Ananta Udaipur

  • Radisson Jaipur

  • Aihmas Jaipur

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